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Attila Delivers the GREEN

On August 1, 2006 ATH Group, under contract to Delta Air Lines, introduced the Attila Managed Arrivals System in the Atlanta Hartsfield - Jackson International Airport. Since that time, Attila has been working quietly to save Delta money, improve on-time performance, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Attila has been independently validated by the FAA funded Task J Project, two universities and at three airports to:

  • Reduce airline fuel costs
  • Reduce CO2 emission
  • Increase on-time arrival performance
  • Reduce aircraft flight time
  • Reduce gas guzzling terminal area flight time
  • Recaptures unused landing slots
  • Improves the NAS
  • Works smoothly with the current Air Traffic Control System, and
  • Requires no new equipment

Adding scheduled block time in order to improve schedule performance is not only a very expensive option, but also one that serves to mask underlying problems. Attila works 24/7 to reduce the cause of these problems.

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