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About ATH Group, Inc.

ATH Group, Inc. was founded in 1999 by a commercial airline pilot and an air traffic control/management system developer, each with more than 25 years of experience in air transportation, backed by a development staff with more than 200 man years of air traffic control/management system development.

Our business focus is on the management of the air transportation process. Our goal is to help improve the profitability and the quality of service in the airline industry, by applying "just in time" manufacturing techniques and "six sigma" management processes to daily operations. Or as Professor Michael Levine of Yale University put it - "production engineering in the ongoing Deming era" as applied to the airline industry.

ATH has a unique perspective on the air transportation industry. We see it as ripe for change, and full of potential. Our years of research, study and experience has led to the realization that the application of "just-in-time" manufacturing techniques and "six sigma" processes can yield significant improvements in both airline profitability and product quality.

The concept is actually quite simple; airlines only make money when their assets, and in particular, their aircraft, are in the process of moving passengers and/or cargo from point A to point B. Our purpose is to assure more and more aircraft, and therefore more and more smiling passengers, arrive at the destination, on time, faster, better and more profitably - much more profitably.

Following the principals of W. Edwards Deming, we believe it is far less costly to produce a satisfied customer than a heart felt apology. The only way to accomplish this is through real-time, tactical management of the operational process. Our flagship process is the award winning, patented Attila system. Attila provides a fully integrated structure for real-time, tactical control of airline assets.

"Chaos theory teaches us that any well-defined system will show unpredictable behavior if allowed to run long enough, no matter how finely honed the beginning conditions. To avoid chaotic results, control is necessary." (Gregory Benford)

The Attila system has been developed and proven in real world operations. The system is designed to move each of an airline's assets to the right place at the right time. It overcomes the "conventional wisdom" of what is possible in the airline operations model.

We provide system tools and consulting support based on this process.

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