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Attila Products

The Attila™ suite of tools is quietly delivering benefits 24/7 in five of the world’s busiest airports. They are university expert proven to deliver cost effective benefits from day one of operation. Built for today, the tools require no expensive investment in avionics or procedures. Our dedicated staff of pilots, scientists and engineers are committed to making these management tools the most valuable and productive available anywhere.

  • Airline Attila
  • Airline Attila is an airline management tool. It optimizes arrivals into airports according to specific business goals. Airline Attila works quietly, 24/7, to adjust your arrivals to your specific goals: fuel economy, on time performance, gate availability or any tactical goal. It takes your business requirements and condenses them down to a single actionable task; a Required Time of Arrival (RTA) for each aircraft. It has been proven by two independent universities to increase reliability and profitability, while reducing both cost and pollution. Perhaps best of all, it is available today and requires no expensive investment, no new avionics, and no new procedures. In short, it is built to operate in the real world.

  • Attila Exchange
  • Attila Exchange is a multi user management tool. It may be used by a control authority, or a group of participating airlines. Its job is to resolve the flow of aircraft into a single, pre-conditioned arrival flow. The goal is to provide an efficient and equitable allocation of the airport asset for everyone, while fully supporting the business goals of Airline Attila users.

    In an Attila Exchange airport all users benefit. Those equipped with Airline Attila will have their dynamic business goals incorporated into the solution. Those that are not equipped will simply see an airport that runs a little smoother.

  • Attila ETA
  • Quite simply Attila ETA is the most accurate and comprehensive ETA available anywhere. It begins predicting ETA at wheels up, sometimes many hours in the future. Attila ETA continuously monitors airport and en route conditions and performance and continues to refine the ETA prediction until the aircraft is on the gate. Planning information you can rely on, provided when it is most useful.

  • Attila GateSync
  • Attila GateSync works with your existing gate management systems, to better match incoming arrivals with available gates. It will warn you well in advance if a flight is predicted to arrive on a gate that is likely to be occupied. Since Attila GateSync begins monitoring flights and gates at wheel up, it can provide you with information in time to resolve a predicted gate conflict before it happens.

  • Global ETA
  • Global ETA provides the best available ETA information for all of your flights, anywhere in the world. Now you can get the same level of planning information in your smaller stations that you have in your hubs.

    Contact us to find out how Attila can work with your operation. You will be surprised how something so quiet can deliver so much.

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