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The Attila process is built on three basic principals - monitor, evaluate, and correct:
  • Dynamic monitoring of all of the airline's assets. Attila tracks all aircraft in the system in much the same way and air traffic control system does. Monitoring current progress and calculating estimated time of arrival.
  • Attila then evaluates this time in terms of asset availability and airline goals. Assets can include anything related to a flight, such as arrival gates or even ground crews. Airline goals are specified priorities, such as schedule adherence or fuel conservation.
  • After comparing all aircraft against these goals, Attila then makes small/timely corrections to each aircraft's speed as necessary to drive the overall situation to a more optimal solution. Once this time is computed it then transmits this time to the pilot.
Attila is analogous to a just-in-time manufacturing process for the airline industry. Attila works to move more passengers where they want to be, when they want to be there. It does this by tactically controlling the airlines assets to have all of the right parts at just the right place, at just the right time. A simple enough idea, but one that has been thought not to apply to the air transportation system. "There are just too many variables to predict what is going to happen". It is true; there are a lot of variables. However, these variables can be controlled with a management process rather than a prediction process. A management process that provides a real time control feedback loop to make minor corrections to the system before big problems develop. Our patented process Attila provides this feedback control loop.

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